Effects of colours

Did you know that colours affect your mood? How about colours at the office?
All colours have different qualities. There isn’t one perfect colour for the office.
See the list below for colours and their effects to create an effective and enjoyable environment in the office. 

Red is a warm colour. It stimulates action and ensures that you get things done.
Other associations: Excitement, Love, Passion, Power, Energy, Protection, Strength.

Blue is an ideal colour for the workplace because it boosts productivity.
Other associations: Calm, Comfort, Peace, Serenity, Success, Tender, Trust, Logic, Cool.

The colour green stimulates the urge to move. It is important to regularly vary your posture between sitting and standing to avoid health problems.
Other associations: Harmony, Health, Hope, Comfort, Nature, Peace, Relaxation, Security.
Yellow is a warm and happy colour. It gives you energy.
Other associations: Cheerful, Confidence, Creativity, Excitement, Friendliness, Optimism.

White is a cold and sterile colour. Because it is bright, it can make spaces seem larger.
Other associations: Calm, Clarity, Cleanliness, Down-to-Earth, Happiness, Honesty, Hygiene, Peace, Purity, Serenity.

Black creates a perception of seriousness and professionality.
Other associations: Elegance, Glamour, Power, Security, Tough, Efficiency, Upper Class, Dignified.

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